Pacman - The Old Classic, Remade.

If you are looking for another Pacman Clone, you found it! But wait, this one is still slightly different than all the other ones! (Don't know what Pacman is? Well, take a look here.)

How is this version different? Well, you really should play it to find out yourself. But, essentially, this one will have you playing in a team with 2 other players trying to eat Pacmen from an other team. Each team is part of a cyclic food chain, that restricts what team can eat what other team. All the while, the eaten Pacmen become ghosts, trying to capture Pacmen from all teams!

The Developers

We are a group of students that are part of the Video Game Development Club at the University of California, Irvine. We are doing this both as a learning experience and for fun. Here are the team members:


When we have downloads available, they will be placed here. Meanwhile, for now you can look over some of the source code being worked on here.